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How To Get The Most Out Of Dance Courses

Dancing not only a word, it is an emotion through which a dancer expresses his/her feeling. There are many dance forms where you cannot move your lips, even you cannot laugh or cry, you have to make the audience understand your dancing posture. So if you think dancing is easy then you are wrong, it is the most difficult thing to learn. As per research dancing not for fun only it helps you to improve your mental strength, boost your self-confidence. Dancing is a good cardio workout, it increases stamina, good for muscles and strengthens your bones. If you stay in Mumbai choose Farah khan choreography course in Mumbai for learning. This is the best dance school in Mumbai. Thousands of students enroll themselves in the class every month but how many students become a known face? The answer is very few. The reason is capability, not every student is capable to become a good dancer but that does not mean you should not try. Many students wonder that how the other become a good dancer as they enroll in the same class, the teacher teaches same dance, then what extra they do to shine? Here we will discuss some point to get most out of dance Choreography courses. The ITA School How To Achieve The Greatest Output Of Dance Mumbai is a dream city where anyone can fulfill their dream if you channelize your hidden talent. Every normal dancer lives with a dream to become a good choreographer. Some qualities you should adopt to learn more. Not everyone is a good dancer, not every student have the adopting power. So to get the most out of the dance class you should follow some rules. Below mentioned are some rules to stand out in the …

How To Turn Your Singing Classes From Zero To Hero

It is the dream of every parent to make their ward eligible and all-rounder. They do not study only, in the new generation students learn various other things apart from studies.Among all singing is an important extracurricular activity. Singing not only boost up your mind it helps you to groom yourself and build your self-confidence. So each and every parent should admit their children in a singing school where they can learn music. Mumbai is a place of Bollywood, where every day, every new person try their luck in Mumbai. Millions of singers come to this city every day to build their career. For this reason, you can find many singing schools in Mumbai. People who stay in Mumbai admit their child in the music school. Many adults also come to learn music here. If you are in music school business in Mumbai then you are in a tough competition as in Mumbai there are n numbers of music school. So, how to be the top one? A top class singing school have some good qualities if you follow those you can easily turn your music school business from zero to hero. Here we will discuss some important point to make your singing school most desirable. Reason To Admit Your Children In A Singing School Singing is beneficial for lungs and heart Singing course in Mumbai will give you a “feel good” type of experience It is quite relaxing. If you are tensed or worried music can heal all the worries. Many people choose singing to express their feeling It boosts up your confidence It is eco-friendly Expert says singing is a natural beauty treatment How To Make Your Singing School Best In Mumbai, you will find a tough competition. To make your school better …

Important tips to Choose Playback Singing as a Career

You wish to become a playback singer in Bollywood industry then your first step should be to start taking professional training in music. you will have to put in all your efforts towards learning the minute details in how a particular note is used. Your best bet would be to join a PLAYBACK SINGING SCHOOL IN MUMBAI, there are numerous SINGING SCHOOLS IN MUMBAI, which will train you about the minute details of sur and taal. In addition to how to apply a particular sur, in these SINGING COURSE IN MUMBAI, they also teach you various forms of singing like Ghazals, Classical Music, and Sufi as well. PLAYBACK SINGING SCHOOLS IN MUMBAI will train you the art of voice-modulation which is very crucial in playback singing so that you can change your voice to suit different actors & actresses. SINGING COURSE IN MUMBAI will gradually take you through the various stages of learning singing & music. By enrolling in SINGING SCHOOLS IN MUMBAI you will not learn minute details about Playback Singing but will be trained in other styles of music like Traditional Styles, Light Classical (Thumri, Ghazal, etc.), Western, Sufi / Devotional, Folk, Stage Performance, Studio Recording, etc. Here are few tips which would help you to become a better Playback Singer: 1.Take care of your health You should keep yourself hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Gargle regularly and drink got fluids to keep cold and cough at bay. To maintain the texture of your voice quit smoking, avoid alcohol and spicy food which can irritate your throat. 2. Sing for at least 30 minutes a day It’s very important that you do at least 30 minutes of rias every day, this improves the texture of your voice and …

10 Reasons to Choose Playback Singing as a Career

10 Reasons Sincere Aspirants Join Professional Singing Courses in Mumbai Towards a Career in Playback or Stage It is a fact that you need talent as a singer to succeed, but that is not quite enough. You may have an unorthodox voice or a unique style of singing, but if you do not have control over your voice and rhythm – it is literally hopeless to imagine a career as a professional singer! With that being said, even before a person enrolls in a professional singing school in Mumbai, or other cities; they will be tested for their abilities and aptitude as a singer before being accepted. No proper institute will dedicate futile efforts and resources to try and make a singer out of a person who cannot sing by innate talent. Even the best playback singing school in Mumbai will only be able to improve upon their candidate’s techniques, and help them learn the technicalities and systems professionally applied to the entertainment industry! Here are 10 reasons why any sincere aspirants join professional singing courses in Mumbai to build a successful career as a playback or stage singer – #1 They may have learned classical music since childhood, or come from a long lineage of maestros, but playback singing and stage performance is distinctly different! Many well qualified classical performers join professional institutes to learn about the industry standards and expectations which are quite different from academic music pursuits! #2 Any of the top singing schools in Mumbai screen and test their candidates before enrolling them into the limited vacancy courses they offer. This screening instantly lets the performer learn about their technical mistakes, and rectify them before joining the next course. #3 When you join professional performance art or playback singing school in …

5 Steps You Should Follow To Become A Dance Choreographer

5 Fundamental Factors To Help You Stand Out Within an Extremely Competitive Farah Khan Choreography Course in Mumbai If you ask any professional from India’s vast entertainment industry; you will find that the best choreography courses in Mumbai, and recognized performance arts schools follow techniques and standards developed by Farah Khan over her long and illustrious career. Though her style is unorthodox; it is perhaps the most successful style in India’s entertainment industry today! This why Madam Khan is one of the most recognized and celebrated choreographers and directors in the country with several awards and industry endorsements in her name. Though different schools offer certified Farah Khan choreography courses in Mumbai that receive her endorsements and recognition; these are all extremely competitive programs. Since she personally signs-off on their credentials; any candidate joining a Farah Khan certified course will ultimately have to satisfy her extremely high standards of training and critical judgment! Here are 5 fundamental factors you should know about before you sign up for an extremely competitive Farah Khan endorsed choreography training course – #1 – An Understanding of Traditional Styles: Though Madam Khan is herself a self-taught dancer, and she follows her unique unorthodox style; she is also well trained in traditional techniques of orthodox dance forms. She expects her choreographers and dancers to improvise on the basic techniques of Western and Eastern dance styles; so it is wise to learn up and practice Waltz, Salsa, as well as Bharatanatyam and other traditional Indian styles! #2 – A Fit and Active Training Regime: If you want to join one of the best choreography courses in Mumbai, you will have to prepare for the hectic and trying regime and schedules expected from such a competitive program! You have to train every day, …

Steps You Should Follow to Become A Dance Choreographer

Choreographers are people who create original and new steps. You can call them the blood which put life in a song through their dance moves. It’s their job to create new and fascinating steps. Choreography literally means ” dance-writing”. A choreographer’s main duty is to creatively communicate the mood and story behind a song, it should go in sync with the movies flow. There are some choreographers who specialize in a particular dance form like Ballet, Tap Dance, Bollywood Freestyle Or Hip-Hop. Choreographers work in close proximity with dancers, casting directors, production teams and sometimes with Music Artist as well. In order to practice as a Choreographer, a dancer has to take intensive training in an institute which provides Choreography course. There are many institutes that provide BEST CHOREOGRAPHY COURSES IN MUMBAI one such course is provided by Bollywood’s famous choreographer FARAH KHAN named as FARAH KHAN CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE IN MUMBAI On the launch of her course, FARAH KHAN CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE Farah Khan said ANYBODY can dance, but not everyone can choreograph. Anyone who wishes to pursue choreography as a career should join this BEST CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE IN MUMBAI named as FARAH KHAN CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE IN MUMBAI. Below stated are few essential steps which will help you to become a choreographer: Spot the Difference There is a huge difference between a dancer and a choreographer. Many people don’t know the difference. A dancer is one who performs steps given to him/her. Whereas, a choreographer is one who creates dance steps inform of a presentation which conveys the story behind the music. Plan Beforehand Never walk into the sets unprepared, it’s a choreographer’s job to prepare few steps unadvanced so that the production team doesn’t have to face any losses. You should give ample time to …

Benefits of doing a choreographer

Choreography is considered as a combination of planned successive movements in accordance with the music. A choreographer is an individual who creates such moves and henceforth is considered to be accountable for the practice. Choreographers can utilize their innovative and imaginative capabilities for creating various graceful and powerful movements and even combination of various forms for artists. The movement generally relies upon the type of music, artist range of abilities. With an intense and dedicated period of practice in the best choreography course in mumbai, choreographers can utilize their capabilities to make unique moves and express thoughts. Physical Fitness Choreographers need to stay in great physical condition to demonstrate their moves. Dance tends to facilitate the body to stay fit and healthy. Since choreographers tend to practice or perform various dance forms, their body receives a sort of complete exercise. Also, various body parts, especially the legs of the choreographers, become quite strong. Exhibitions After many years of dedicated practice in dance forms, choreographers can exhibit their talents over various stage shows. Even being a choreographer allows such individual to impart the learned skills to others. Via the trainees, the choreographers get the chance to watch their vision become reality. Being a choreographer gives you the potential of grasping the knowledge of various dance forms and exhibiting the same over various platforms. Creative Expression As stated earlier, dance is a prominent art form where dancers manipulate their bodily movements and often narrating a creative story, accompanied by music. Choreographers tend to apply their own creative talents in amalgamating those ideas and putting it together. The opportunity to work professionally in a field in which you have creative passion is unique in performing dance forms. Top choreographers can earn awards and attain industry-wide recognition for their …

Five skills you need to enhance to become musician

On the off chance that you hadn’t seen, it takes something beyond the innovative capacity to make it in music. A ton of musicians tend to imagine that in the event that they were sufficiently “great”, they would, in the long run, be moved to fame, yet it doesn’t generally work that way, isn’t that right? There are a lot of fruitful musicians out there that – most concur – isn’t horrendously skilled. So is there something in musicians that is absent? So, we should not skip ahead. Here are the five key components you have to comprehend to be effective in music from music school in Mumbai. 1. Musical Knowledge and skills Let be honest; while you don’t need to be the most talented musician under the sun, it has some innovative resources. It doesn’t change the way that there are a great deal of one-trap horses out there that depend upon the same tired trademark that still figures out how to end up commonly recognized names. Obviously, expanding your capacity as a musician has more to do with you than it does with making it. On the off chance that you need to be better, it’s your own particular activity. In the event that you need to speak to the majority, you simply require some fundamental music aptitudes. 2. Limited time Expertise On the off chance that you have begun searching for answers on the web, at that point you have presumably begun taking shortly about advancement. The reason it isn’t educated in school is on the grounds that it’s a colossal moving target. The toolset and strategies continue evolving. Simply consider web-based social networking. Promotion is extremely vital, and this is more obvious now that conveyance is so open and reasonable. Getting …

5 Ways to Learn Bollywood Dance Form

5 Ways to Learn Bollywood Dance Form Bollywood is the trending dance form in India. You might have learned traditional dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, and the like, which are relatively difficult. It is true that other dance forms are in no way near these traditional forms. However, if you see in terms of the Indian television then Bollywood dance is ruling. Therefore, if you want to be in this industry you should be learning this dance form. In this article, we will guide you five easy ways to learn Bollywood dance. Follow the TV In this age where TV is the source of entertainment, you can never miss out a chance to learn. Several televisions show imparts knowledge of different kinds. Some of them have come up with the concept of teaching common people how to dance. Celebrity dance masters personally teach the forms and give simple tips to make the learning process faster. Learn from YouTube If you are having a Smartphone or a laptop then you have another way to learn the dance form. This is inevitably YouTube. There are videos you will find uploaded from different channels. You can download one of them and rehearse them until it gets perfect. This is a great way to learn dancing at home without going anywhere. Get a teacher There are several teachers whom you can find in your area who teaches Bollywood dance form. You can ask one of them to teach you the dance form. They take care in making every candidate learn the dance. Some of them will allow you to get a certification after successful completion of every level. Go to a school Perhaps joining a Bollywood dance school in Mumbai is the best idea. These schools have been …

10 Skills You Can Enhance in a Music School

Are you looking for a place to send your toddler to Mumbai where he or she can enhance his creative mind? Well then, a music school in Mumbai is the right destination for you. Music has the quality to heal souls. Indian families have a tradition of teaching their kids music and the tradition has passed from generation to generation. Therefore, when your child will be in an environment of music he or she will undergo all-round development. Find out what are the skills that can improve while they are at a music school. Improves memory The activity of listening to music and then playing music stimulates a part of the brain. It has been found that it increases the memory in both younger ones and adults. If your child is learning music, expect him or her to develop a sharper memory. Teaches perseverance Learning music takes time. Not every tune can be picked up in the first instance. Therefore, your child will learn to have patience and gradually learn every step. Enhances coordination Music teaches coordination both in a self and with others. While learning one needs to convert the musical notes into specific patterns adding rhythm and breathing. This also helps the brain to coordinate to the tunes played by others. Reliefs from stress One who knows music can express his or her emotions better through music. It helps in minimizing stress in a person as it works as a therapy. Music is thus a great stress buster. Enriches cultural knowledge Music is not new in the society. It comes with a lot of history of the time it was created. So, learning different types of music increases the sense of historical knowledge and culture. Boosts listening skills Music requires good ear. If …

7 Tips to Become a Good Actor

Entertainment industry is one of the most promising industries that have always welcomed the fresh and young talent to showcase their capabilities. If you have ever dreamt of becoming the part of acting industry, this article is for you. We have summarized the most useful tips that can help you to groom your personality and make you a perfect fit in the industry. These below mentioned tips can help you to judge and identify your real potential. You can always get enrolled in any of the best acting academy in Mumbai to make your dreams of acting true. To begin with the list of most helpful tips, we can start with the following: Read and conceptualize your role: If you are all set to mark your strong presence in the industry, it is important to flaunt the best version of yours. This could only be done if you are perfect at your beginning. The perfection comes with practice. It is important to always read and study your role before going ahead with performance. It helps you to touch the subjective part of your performance and build your acting skills more strong and expressive. Research the place: Dreams comes without any expiry date. They keep on becoming strong with every passing day. At the same time it is important to make sure your destination is correct. For an actor to succeed more in future, it is important to research about the city or the place from where he or she is going to give wings to their dreams. Make rejections your best friend: Every rejection comes with a hope. No matter how badly you fall, always stand to jump once again. If you are planning to make your career in acting, it is important to go …

5 Benefits of Being a Playback Singer

Singing is one of the professions that allow an individual to speak their heart loud with the nodes of music. The dipped emotions in the rhythm of music can touch anyone’s heart. It is considered as one of the blessed profession that can make your soul and voice connected to each other. The music industry has evolved a lot in the past few years. The trends of music are on a regular shift and the industry is always overwhelmed with the introduction of new and fresh talent. Playback singing is one of the promising professions that assure you a bright future. There are many of playback singing school in Pune that offers you a perfect training for making you understand the core of playback singing. The training schools are redirected to groom and train the raw voice to suit the standards of the industry. Many of us have raised the question about the sustainability of playback singer career in future. It is a matter of fact that playback singing holds a glorious career and is a highly paid career that can add comfort to your living. With the increase in interest of common people in entertainment industry, the craze and demand for music is high. This has allowed a playback singer to grow manifold with the increase in demand. Singers, if are getting trained from professional hands such as from the mentors at playback singing school Pune, the chances to get a bright future is high. These schools are specialized in reforming the raw talent into a fine and reap talent. The top five benefits of being a playback singer can be summarized as: Boost your immune system: It is one of the amazing benefits of being a playback singer. Singing especially playback singing helps …

Difference between Film Acting and Theater Acting

Acting is an art. It involves the showcase of different set of emotions and expressions that helps in conveying a particular message. The acting industry is full of skilled actors who are on a job of entertaining their viewers through their acting skills. These skills are the bridge of connectivity that holds the viewers to stay connected with the actors and their acting. To go ahead with the concept of acting, we can further differentiate them between film acting and theatre acting. There is a huge difference between both and it can be easily demonstrated through below mentioned points. There are many efficient acting courses in Mumbai that allows the aspirants to get in detailed knowledge of acting. 1. Facial Expressions and body gestures The first difference between film acting and theatre acting can be identified as the difference between the use of facial expressions and body gestures. We all know that in theatres, audiences get the chance to see the live performance of the actors. It means that the need of exaggerating the facial expressions and gestures is much high in case of theatres. Every single expression should be loud enough to reach the wider spread audience near and far from the main stage. On the other hand, if we talk about film acting, the camera remains close to the face of the actor. Hence, minimum intensity of expressions can be bounced up through the camera lens and it can easily reach to a bulk of audience without much of efforts. 2. Voice pitch and volume intensity If you are taking coaching for film acting courses in Mumbai, you will easily correlate with the game of role of volume in acting. Theatre acting means giving live performance. The pitch and intensity of voice should …

5 Ways in which Bollywood Acting is Different

Bollywood is now ruling the heart of millions of people all around the globe. The unique blend of good plot, script, acting, music, comedy and romance can be seen only in Bollywood. Taking this as a plus many institutions or acting schools in Mumbai have emerged. It is hard to say which one is the best acting school in Mumbai. But they are contributing to the same film industry. This hale and hearty competition amongst the institutions will do well to the Bollywood in the end. Acting has always been an integral part of cinema. Acting has evolved in recent times and now it is at its pinnacle. Many young actors and actresses from diverse background have displayed their skills on big screen. Acting is not an unproblematic job as people usually know. Here are the top five ways in which you find Bollywood acting is quite different: Different roles played by the same actor: The audience of Indian cinema is very demanding. They want to see their favourite actors playing different roles from action to comedy. This adds up a pressure on actors to be ready for different roles. The actor must be aware of its surroundings to bring the script to life. The different role requires regional and national accents to deliver dialogue at a different pace with precise timings. Variety of subjects and plots: The variety in subjects and plots gives the glimmer to Indian cinema. An actor must be prepared to play a decent role in tragedy, comedy, rebirth, fantasy, rags to riches and science fiction films. Each plot requires a unique power of observation which an actor must acquire to adapt the respective plot of the script. Heavy dresses and costumes: This is wholly unlike thing in Bollywood and one …

10 Things Which You Will Only Learn at Acting School

The following are the 10 things which you will only learn at acting school: 1. Acting techniques: A student of acting school is exposed to a wide variety of acting techniques. A fixed amount of time is dedicated on teaching each technique. Acting courses in Mumbai focus mostly on the following two techniques: meisner technique and method acting.  In the meisner technique, the actor is taught to get out their head behave instinctively to their surrounding environment. In this technique, higher emphasis is placed on the other actor rather than the internal emotions and feelings. In the method acting, the individual is taught to produce sincere and expressive acting. 2. Camera Training One of the primary functions of acting schools is to make students aware about acting for camera is supposed to be. Students are given a series of exercises and monologues with the intent of making him/her completely comfortable in front of a camera. 3. Basic Film making process The above-mentioned camera training eventually makes the student realize the intricacies of film making process. The understanding of film making process can be considered to be one of the part of overall technique development. 4. Basic stage production Under this topic, students are taught various areas of stage production. Of course, these courses only include some fundamental information of stage production but still they are crucial for a successful career in stage acting. 5. Improvisation and teamwork In acting schools, students are given regular acting assignments, which give them the opportunity to experiment and improvise. Furthermore, these assignments are carried in groups, which means, students are also learning teamwork. Both improvisation and teamwork are an absolute must for a successful acting career. 6. Voice/Speech/Dictation Proper voice technique is one of the most fundamental element of …

7 Benefits of Doing an Acting Course

Acting courses are surely beneficial for aspiring actors as they help them in various skills like improving stage presence, teaching industry business tips, and so on. Not only that, many film acting courses in Mumbai give the opportunity to work with renowned people of the industry. Such exposure is necessary as it gives students the opportunity to perfect their acting skills.  Of course, every seriously aspiring actor must join film acting courses in Mumbai but such courses must also be joined by lay people due to various benefits it

What Will Bollywood Acting Be Like In the Next 50 Years?

The actions of the past, shape the glories of the future and this is rightfully said about our Hindi Film Industry, we proudly call it as ‘Bollywood’. Named after its western counterpart, Bollywood took shape even before we could attain freedom. Starting Raja Harishchandra in the mid – the 1930s, Bollywood Acting showed us diversity, rarely seen across any international film industry. Before we take a step ahead and decide on the architecture of acting in Indian Film Industry, let’s just reminisce the past glory we could only imagine. From Madhubala, Meena Kumari, to Waheeda Rehman, from Asha Parekh to the scintillating Mumtaz, they made us swoon to their commands. Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt to Rajesh Khanna and the flamboyant Shammi Kapoor, they could make the crowd laugh and cry with their simple, yet most impactful acting. These legendaries could make the crowd go berserk! They showed us what stardom is, what stars are and what you can call, the grandeur of Indian Cinema is. They never faded. Even when their acting careers ended, their stardom didn’t. They were stars, they ended as comets. The legacy of the stardom was then shouldered by the Khans. However, with time, came acting schools, where the yesteryear stars came down on earth to teach the budding actors, how to shine tomorrow. Film production houses came across several unpolished gems which they knew better than to discard. What started as simple training, culminated into full-fledged acting schools. And while we can say that talent comes from all corners of the country, the lapidarist was only in, what it has fondly known as earlier, Bombay. Acting schools in Mumbai have played a gargantuan part in honing the skills of the budding talent. Some of the best acting schools …

Complete Guidance for Film Acting Courses

A good acting is what isn’t acted. Quite a meaningless statement to someone whose passion lies not in this field, but ask those who dedicate their entire lives attaining perfection and are still yearning for more. For a person who does not come from the film backdrop, has to put extra efforts to reach the benchmark, hypocritically set by the primal authoritative rulers – the ruling production houses. For those who are already scared and possibly rethinking about your decision, don’t. Through this article, we only mean for the truth to be out in the front and effective solutions that will help get you around the hurdles. There are aspects of luck, fate and destiny, what sets the ball rolling is sheer hard work. That’s where we can help you. What is acting? In simple terms, acting is essaying the role of a person (both fiction and nonfiction) and portraying his/her character in such a manner that the audience gets connected to the person and ultimately, to the story. The first line of this article states the very essence, the soul of acting. Something that has to be acted, shouldn’t be shown as one – by this, it means that an actor should portray a character with such meaning that his own individuality should be masked by the character; that the only person visible to the audience is the character itself. It is this very reason that the actors of the golden days or the legendary film actors of both the eastern and the western world are still remembered for the role they played. They donned the role with such dedication that the world went down on its knees to see the true nature of acting. How to learn acting? There might have been moments …

Make an Acting Career in Bollywood

Bollywood is one of the most glamorous and biggest Industries in India. Getting into Bollywood or any other film industry is not a cakewalk. The task becomes even more difficult when you are not having a family relative and member already established in the market. However, this does not mean that it is impossible in this case. There are several actors, as an example, which has become a superstar and started from nothing. Their absolute stardom and recognition in the industry lay a hope for the newbies who want to build a niche for themselves. How to make a flourishing career in acting in Bollywood? Here are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to looking to building a career. Be present where the action is happening The most important thing is moving to a place where the action is taking place. Of course, it is known that Mumbai is one of the dream destinations to make it big into Bollywood. Thus, you should pack your bag right and move to the city of Mumbai. There, you will feel closer and easier to your dreams than anywhere else. There might be some struggles but at the end, it is a good starting point for you. Join the acting courses in Mumbai If you want to become a proficient action, you need to join film acting courses in Mumbai. It will help you acquire the necessary skills. Therefore, it is essential for you to find best acting academy in Mumbai. There are plenty of acting schools in the city. In these schools, you get to learn about the nuances of acting, the basics, the expressions and communication skills. There are several things to be taken into account while acting. An acting school …

Important Aspects of Acting School

When it comes to enrolling in the best acting school in Mumbai, most of the students, as well as their parents, are confused. After all, it is not one of those regular schools and most of the people has little knowledge for making the final choice. There are certain aspects of an acting school that make it better and ahead of others. What are those aspects? How will you judge it? Let us know in depth! THE PROGRAM A good course will not only let you watch the performances but to make you protagonists. In fact, a good acting school must never separate theory from practice, then leave at the end of the path of formation, subscribers to fend for them. It will always make sure in advance so that the lessons are enriched by thematic seminars, where known directors and actors, contribute to providing adequate depth relatively to various aspects of acting. This is a very important element in order to receive a full preparation. TEACHERS A key aspect of Bollywood acting school in Mumbai not to be underestimated concerns the preparation of teachers. Be wary of the overly rich curriculum of investments in numerous fictions and the like because they could be a lot of smoke and no fire! Pay attention instead to studies and specialisation courses, which can give useful information on the quality of basic education. Do not forget that the curriculum is not everything. The best actor in the world could be a bad teacher. And a good teacher does not have to be a great actor. A good drama teacher must be prepared and professional, but first it has to be engaging, able to convey passion, able to create a group of united students, and be proud of them, …

Learn the Ultimate Revelation of Acting Course

Who doesn’t wish to be in the limelight and enjoy the status and stardom of being a popular actor! But, you know, like they say, everything comes for a price and so does getting famous as an actor. And here it is the rigorous acting training and hard work that counts. Yes, believe it or not, but a proper acting course from renowned acting schools like the best acting academy in Mumbai can play a crucial role in forming a solid base for you as a blooming actor. Let’s find out here some of the unknown facts about acting course that people often don’t understand. Brings Out the Hidden Talent It’s very natural to feel shy and vulnerable when it comes to acting in front of someone all of a sudden. But, mind you, isn’t this performing art is all about presenting the talent in front of the audience? Well, here come the professional acting courses to rescue that lets one have the right platform to brush off this shyness while exploring with the hidden talent inside of them. Boosts The Confidence Level You must have heard many renowned actors or actresses talk about how acting courses such as the film acting courses in Mumbai has made them more confident and all. Well, they do not lie actually.  Offering a better chance to know yourself and communicate with others, an acting course makes you more prepared to let yourself present in front of a larger audience. It Is Surely Not A ‘Nothing’ Often many people think that there’s nothing in an acting course but investing money only! Well, let me tell you then if you have a closer look at the acting industry, then you’ll see that the majority of the successful actors have a …


the following is a short note on all that is needed to know about the essence of natyasastra to enhance your already existing technique and to better understand performance , while the natyasastra does mention the” what”  it does not mention “how to achieve that” and it would be left to our technique to explore these condition to develop, analyze and understand performances – that is for the scope of our laboratory work Acting as described Indian aesthetics is of four kinds aangik : through body  behaviour vaachik : through voice aharya : make up costume / editing saatvika : emotional types of performances are of two types lokadharmi : realistic natyadharmi : reality of drama what is rasa ? we all have heard about rasa from various sources but as mentioned in the analogy given within natyasastra and i would state is just rasa is the experience experienced by the audience after looking at a performance , its called rasa as it’s a thing of the senses and is experienced it’s like when a person eats prepared food it consists of various flavours combined in specific quantity and methods to bring about an experience that is independent of individual flavour of the ingredient while still keeping the essence of the same , in a same way through various emotional devices the audience experiences a rasa rasas as defined by natyasastra are 8 in number Srngara : erotic Hasya : humour raudra : anger karuna : compassion vira : heroic adbhuta : wonder Bidhatsa : disgust Bhayanaka  : dread while rasa is mostly to be with the effect of a performance , how is this effect brought about — it is brought about through bhavas “a meaning which touches the heart creates rasa ; the …

“YAAR ACTING MAST THEE “ , is not good enough from our students – MEGH PANT

as we train our acting students , there is a need to see good performances and to know why they are good , most of the time when i ask students about it they are at loss to explain why they liked it , while that would be good for a common man who is content with the “rasa” that he receives out of a performance ,and he need not know why – thats not important for him but for us as artists we need to know WHY ? this why, is divided into a lot of parts and each part is rooted in the given circumstances first devised at script level , then other creative collaborations happen with time finally ending down to the actor , so what does the actor do with a set up that is prepared and given to him to perform , what is the scope of an actor ? an actor’s scope as i think of it is to “ add behavior to the script” – and this is where all the analysis of acting will happen to look at a performance on how its build up and not about a particular scene , but the whole graph and now when we analyze a performance it’s all about the brickwork – on how on each plot point the “circumstances of the character was justified by the actor, based on the choices he made” this is the core of acting analysis choices have to made at every level , in every scene , in every shot – it’s only when an actor has his own agenda that is independent of the script do we see a discord in a performance , that can also be lack of imagination on his/ …

The Myth of Method Acting – by Megh Pant

Method Acting is one of the most abused terms in our industry. There is very little understanding into what goes into being a method actor – if there is a term like that, I guess this was a term pulled out by the publicist to make acting into an elite club, especially pertaining to the actors studio at 44th street, New York belonging to the process modified by Lee Strasberg. To get into that we have to know about how that came about.  It all started in Moscow with “the system” – this is a term used to differentiate between the Russian and the American schools developed in two huge phases by Stanislavsky. We are aware of the first phase because of the famous publication ‘An Actor Prepares‘, but very few people are aware that this theory was more or less rejected by Stanislavsky himself in the later part of his life where he paid more emphasis on bio-mechanics and physical actions. This part of his work is not available as a book as written by him but can be seen in the work of Grotowski and Vakhtangov. When did this come to America ? This system, ( the older works ) developed by Stanislavsky between 1898 – 1917, was brought to America by Maria Ouspenskaya and Richard Boleslawski and was learnt by all the greats that have shaped American acting. So its a independent progress of the base work in Russia and further developed by Americans. Earlier the American system was a conventional British form of acting based mostly on voice. So this branching of techniques and the further development of those by people like Lee Strasbourg, Stella Alder, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meister, etc. have shaped what is called the method. But Lee Strasbourg …

Courses for Film Acting

Bollywood enjoys an almost religion like status in India. A whole lot of people worship their screen idols and aspire to reach levels at which they are. This is one of the reasons why acting schools in Mumbai are catching on like wildfire. More and more people are increasingly pulled towards a formal training in acting, which means that only the best actors are being produced by professional teaching institutes. Acting courses in Mumbai are being more evolved and students are taking the skill more seriously as opposed to the olden days when real skill was not as honed as it is in the current times. With growing competition in the field, the demand for more polished and skilled actors has increased. There are some who have the natural talent and learn through experience and those who have the drive to learn greater details about the field take respite with the best acting school in Mumbai so that they may be able to move to greener pastures right after leaving the school. A Mumbai acting school serves as a stepping stone for the acting aspirants who need to make it big in the industry and realize the need to learn something extra. The real value of acting courses in Mumbai is known when the chances of a break are doubled for those with a proper training as compared to those who have no training. Acting is a form of entertainment that amuses almost everyone. If this form of entertainment is not achieved with expertise and expert training, it is an injustice to the viewers and fans. If your only known love happens to be acting, make sure you get the perfect training from expert names in the industry at The ITA School of Performing Arts.

The ITA School Advantage – by Shashi Ranjan

When you decide to be a part of the ITA School of Performing Arts , be assured that it is the best acting school in Mumbai. With generations of experience in both film and television industry – we evolve with each batch and have after constant experimentation been able to design an acting program in a short period of four months to install in a student confidence, skill to perform in auditions , an overall personality to face interviews and auditions all this in a short period of four months of intensive work. Our training principle is simple ‘an actor is both the instrument and the instrument player’, so our training starts with an intensive assessment of the students by the faculty to know how to design an individual work plan for the student and this is followed by few weeks of foundation program to develop the ‘eye of an actor‘ exercises and assignments to look at things in a way our mundane life does not permit us to, but we as actors have to observe in a way that we absorb and create a bank of experiences that might be put to use in our work. The program then moves to training the instrument, i.e, actor’s voice and body through poetry and extensive body work using Michael Chekhov’s acting technique to develop an expressive body and voice. We generally end this body and voice work with a movement and voice based performance before we move to improvisations. The technique we subscribe to is based on the definition of acting as defined by Sanford Meisner – ‘acting is truthful behaviour in imaginary circumstances’ so then, all our exercises are based on achieving behaviour in a slow systematic manner mixing works of Meisner, Stella Adler, Roshan …

Acting in the Cinematic Environment – from Research Paper – by Megh Varn Pant, FTII 2007

These are things known to anyone associated with the medium, but still there is a need to drive it across again and again. These are guiding principles and common place wisdom by the gurus which I have read across many books and collected in the form of these 14 points. These are not mantras which if you learn by heart will make you better actors but are observation points for an actor to explore throughout and thoroughly during any shooting scenario in which he/she is actively involved, to understand the mechanics of the medium not only as performers trying to prove a point but as part of the whole (of the team you work with in the medium), to respect the other person’s craft and to help him achieve excellence in their work, they in turn will help you excel in yours. It is the philosophy of so called cine acting. ‘It isn’t a question of who is right, but what the director wants!’ Always said but never understood especially by actors, this is the first and the foremost principle commonly referred to in many books and by many teachers in different forums as - ‘Cinema is a director’s medium’. Why do we keep saying this every time, this is because we do not understand it and still many actors make desperate attempts to prove superiority by trying to carry it off on there own shoulders, but it seldom works. All this is because the director knows his film as a whole, he has worked more on his film than you have, and actors – selfish creatures, that they only see it in part, as a slice of their own performance, counting lines and not understanding the scenario in which they are placed as in the …

Modeling and Grooming Tips

A lot of people want to be a model because it’s glamorous and rewarding and you might want to be recognized in the modelling world. Modelling is extremely competitive, and the industry is filled with ups and downs, but successful models are doing something that they love. Here are some tips and tricks on modelling:

The Basics:

• Take care of yourself
• Decide what kind of model you want to be
• Educate yourself about modelling industry

Portfolios & Agencies:

• Take some snapshots of yourself
• Consider getting some professional shots taken
• Take and know your measurements and statistics
• Be professional, polite, and courteous while working

You can also enter modelling contests. However, make sure you check that these are being run by a reputable agency. If you don’t have a portfolio, you just need to make sure you have some snapshots of yourself you could show.

Modelling is a tough business. Try not to be discouraged by rejections. Even top models still get rejected for about 70% of everything they are put forward for!

Most people only see the glamorous part of the business, but when it comes right down to it, it is very hard work. You have to be able to keep up with it 24/7. This means staying in tip top shape all the time. It’s a good idea to get photographs from more than one photographer.

Find the way to earn living as a Model at the ITASPA which will make you a professional Model. Experienced models, coordinators, experts and highly trained individuals from allied industries will comprise the faculty for the three-month as well as weekend Modelling and Grooming Course.

Be a Singing Star!

We often keep waiting in the crowd for our favorite singing star to arrive, get their autographs but one thing that we all try to get is some singing tips. We often wonder how they created their way to success.

The thought that “even I can be a superstar” often comes to our minds but… Unfortunately only few of us are able to achieve it.
If your dream is to become a singer even if you can sing very well or not, you should be happy to find out that it is possible for you to become a great singer!

ITA School of Performing Arts (ITASPA) will make you a Singing Star!
In India there are several people with beautiful voice and also have a potential to pursue their career as a singer but it requires much more to reach at professional level. The Singing course at ITASPA will help them to be a professional singer.

Learn the beautiful art of singing right from its basics/foundation to expert level singing at ITASPA Singing course.
ITASPA provides training of various genre of singing like-

• Classical Foundation
• ‘Sur Gyan’
• Traditional Styles
• Light Classical
(Thumri, Ghazal etc)
• Western
• Film
• Sufi/Devotional
• Folk, Stage Performance
• Studio Recording

The Industry connectivity of ITASPA will provide you an advantage over the rest. Bollywood and Indian Television Industry are always in search of new talented singers with fresh voices. You could be the next star in the music industry.

Bollywood singer Ms. Jaspinder Narula and other well known singers like Ms. Madhushree and Mr. Mangal Mishra forms the core faculty of the Singing department who will be expertly training the students. Now stop wondering how to be a singer and be a Singing Star!

Want to be a Model?

If you want to become a model but you’re worried that you are not well prepared for it, think again! Get ready to walk the ramps with the help of Modelling and Grooming courses at the ITA School of Performing Arts.

Modelling industry is going through an exciting period of growth. The clothing industry is a huge marketplace, with designers and shops needing to cater for everyone.
Find the way to earn living as a Model at the ITASPA which will make you a professional Model.

The world of modelling is extremely competitive and often demanding. In a country like India, there are many talented people who are trying to enter the modelling world.

You can rely on ITASPA for a perfect start and a successful modelling career for several reasons-

  • The Modelling and Grooming Course focus on various modelling aspects such as modelling, grooming, and personality projection.
  • Not only this make-up and styling, back stage management, portfolio development, fitness etc which are also some of the Modelling aspects in a way or the other is taught to the students.
  • Experienced models, coordinators, experts and highly trained individuals from allied industries will comprise the faculty for the three-month as well as weekend Modelling and Grooming Course.

So kick start your Modelling career at ITASPA and be a professional model.
It also seen in Bollywood that many successful Models have turned into successful actors as well. But the professional world of modelling is a career aspiration in its own.

Become a Professional Dancer

We all like to dance on when some good music is being played around. Most of us ignore our dancing skills as we think dancing is nothing more than a leisure activity.
Do you wonder how Dancing could earn living?

Well it’s certainly possible.
The ITA School of Performing Arts will help you become a professional dancer. The routes vary depending on what type of dancer you want to be but you will attain your destination of professional dancing at ITASPA.

Whatever style of dance you might follow or whoever your idol may be, the Dance Course at ITASPA will lead your way to be a professional dancer.

Dance has become one of the major aspects at professional level, considering this the Dance Courses at ITASPA covers all the various dance forms such as
• Indian Modern Dance (Freestyle Bollywood)
• Hip Hop
• Indian Semi-Classical
• Break Dance
• Jazz
• Street Jazz
• Bhangra
• Locking and Popping Latin
• American forms
• Broadway

At ITASPA, every dance style has expert professionals as the faculty members who would teach various dance forms. Well known choreographer Mr. Swarup Medara will lead the department. You will also get a chance to interact and even dance with your favorite Bollywood celebrity. Also you can choose the Dance Course of your choice which may suit you like Basic, Pre-Advance, Advance, Professional, and Crash Course.

ITASPA Infrastructure Will Bowl You Over!

Earlier it used to be food, clothing and shelter but now in today’s world we need extra facilities and comfort that will help us to ease our living.

Everyone likes to live and work in a place with good Infrastructure and facilities. The ITA School of Performing Arts has excellent Infrastructure that will bowl you over. None other school has an infrastructure like ITASPA.

First of all, its locality-
The ITA school of Performing Arts has currently two branches. Both the Branches are located in the prime locations. One is located in Mumbai and other is Delhi/NCR. Each branch of The ITA School, boasts of fantastic facilities in regard to space, set up, equipment etc.

ITA School has gone beyond and acquired spacious, modern, ideally located accommodation in cities like Mumbai and Delhi where suitable accommodation is hard to come by and acquisition prohibitive factor.

The campuses are well-equipped with all the modern facilities and equipments and well-appointed too. The class rooms are huge with liberal space allocation. Class rooms for Dance Studios are with 1000sq ft area!

It is not only big in size but also consist of all the needful technical equipments.
Integral aspects that establishes a well built and excellent infrastructure at ITASPA consist if-
• Digital Studios
• Class Room Equipment
• Modern Teaching Aids
• Modern Seating Arrangements
• Musical Instruments
• Recording and Editing Facilities

Personality Enhancement Can Take You to Your Destination!

When people display nice behavior, we say they are presentable.
When they have character, we say they can achieve something.
At a further level, people with good personality are not only presentable; they are also liked by others.

You can enrich your life as a person and a professional with good personality.
The Personality Enhancement course at ITA School of Performing Arts will help you to get the right combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character and personality.

Often we restrict ourselves and limit our potential and capabilities.
The Personality Enhancement Course at ITASPA aims at nurturing and evolving your Personality and gets the best out of you. The Complete Personality Enhancement course at ITASPA is of 2 months.
Special weekend course is also available for the same at ITASPA.

The Personality Enhancement course develops and takes care of various aspects like

• Self Awareness
• Self Confidence
• Subconscious Mind
• Communication Skills
• Understanding Emotions

Also the factors that are lacking the person from success are eliminated. Qualities that make a person interesting and popular and several other qualities required for good personality are induced by our expert faculty members consisting of Ms. Aruna Mookhey, Dr. Grace Dennis, Ms. Chetna Mehrotra and Ms. Clarissa Jathanna.

Your Way to Stardom With Our Acting Course.

All of us are actors in one way or the other in real life.
One may act as a student and other may be a teacher,
one might be a father and other might be a son.
But still we all want to become a professional actor.
We want to be a star and live our dreams.

ITA School of Performing Arts welcomes all the talented people who want to be a professional actor and consider acting as their passion.
ITA is one of the credible bodies that caters to awards and represents the most powerful medium in Indian Television and ITASPA will lead your gateway to stardom!

ITASPA will help you to be a professional actor and will pave your way to stardom with our acting courses. You can join for a complete acting course or a crash course for acting and begin your acting profession in a short span of time. Duration for complete acting course here is 4 months and crash course for acting is 2 months.

Since acting forms a major part of all the performing arts, ITASPA has an inclusive curriculum for acting. It comprise of all the vital aspects in the art of acting Imagination, Action Problem, Improvisation, Monologue, Scenes, Group Improvisation, Diction, Speech, Movement, Dance and Action.

You will achieve your way to stardom by learning acting by excellent faculty comprising of experts and veterans. It is headed by Mr. Shashi Ranjan and supported by Mr. Phonsok Ladakhi,
Mr. Rakesh Bedi and Mr. Javed Khan as well. The best part about it is that students of ITASPA get advantage for placement, exposure and new opportunities because of its connectivity to the Television and entertainment industry.

Welcome to ITASPA Blog!

When did you realize that you want to start acting?
What did you do? Where did you go?

In order to start acting, you should have a few things in order and on track. Like any other profession, you’ll want to get a grasp on the tools of the trade and get your game plan in order.

ITA is one of the credible bodies that caters to awards and represents the most powerful medium in Indian Television. ITASPA It provides several courses of performing arts such as:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Personality Enhancement/Development
  • Modeling and Grooming

It nurtures talent in all aspects of Performing arts. When it comes to achieve its goals and missions, ITASPA is dedicated and committed in every sense.

The ITASPA is managed by a watchful board of directors and its operations are controlled by experts and highly respected artists. Professionals and experienced people from Television and entertainment Industry work together as a team which establishes its operations and managements.

The board of directors consists of Mr. Shashi Ranjan – chairman and the managing director of Indian Television Academy, Ms. Anu Ranjan – President of The Indian Television Academy, Mr. Sunil Raheja and Mr. Lokesh Kapoor.

The ITA School of Performing Arts stands apart from the rest because of several reasons, but there are some specific reasons that make it more special:

  • Placement and Exposure of topmost level.
  • Excellent Facilities and Great Infrastructure.
  • Connectivity with the Industry.

Whatever you want in a Performing Arts Academy is available to you at ITASPA.

The ITA School of Performing Arts was launched by Shashi and Anu Ranjan on 12th of October 2011 at Goregaon, Mumbai. The launch was attended by celebrities like Mahima Chowdhury, Gulshan Grover, Alka Yagnik, Rakesh Bedi, Rajan Shahi, Swini Khara, Ehsaas Chana, Ishita Panchal, Gautam Rode, Shaad Randhawa, Jasvir Kaur and others.

It currently has two branches, one in Mumbai and other one in Delhi/NCR.